Expert Moderator Advice – Dr. Judy Cameron

Introduce the Core Concepts of Brain Development Before Playing the Game:

Just like a house with many rooms, the brain has different areas and each area develops at a different time and has a different function.

The experiences a child has determine how brain cells connect together, like a house that is getting wired up.

Brain circuits that get used a lot become strengthened, so it is up to all of us who care about children to encourage activities like peekaboo, reading and playing together that foster healthy brain development.

Caring adults also help buffer stressful life experiences that children have, and prevent stresses from having long-term toxic impact on the developing brain.

Watch our The Science of Early Childhood & The Brain Architecture Game video to learn more about how life experiences and social supports shape the developing brain.

Post-play Questions to Ask

What was your child’s life history?

How did life experiences shape brain development?

How important were early social supports?

Can you have a brain that withstands life stresses later in life after experiencing toxic stress early in life? At what price?

What are the social supports in your community that are available for supporting children’s healthy brain development?