The Brain Architecture Game:
Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Version

Buy The Brain Architecture Game for $55 (PROMO).

With this purchase, you will receive a download link to PDF files for years 1-8 of the Life Experience Cards that can be used to print either at home or with a commercial printer.

Visit the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Guide page to review how to complete your game kit. You will not receive any supplies in the mail through this purchase.

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You can print the cards risk-free before you buy. See the DIY Guide for directions.

Your licensed PDF files will be stamped with your name, email, and order ID in the middle of the page. This information is not on the actual card images but only on the white space, which will be cropped when you cut the cards. The sample contains a cover/divider and 7 life experience cards. You will receive links to two files, one arranged for single-sided printing and one for double-sided printing.

Customers who purchased prior to February 23, 2023, received files with crop, bleed and registration marks, and color bars. Those files were arranged for single-sided printing but could be modified for double-sided printing by multiplying the cover card. If you need the new files instead, email us your previous order info (name or email), and we will send you a FREE coupon for the new order/download system.

Screen capture of 4-ups for single-sided printing

CAPTION: 4-ups for single-sided printing