How can I get a copy?

The Brain Architecture Game:


This is a good option for groups who are keeping an eye on costs and don’t mind doing a bit of prep work. DIY game runners can pay a one-time licensing fee of $99 to receive digital copies of the Life Experience Cards.

With this option, you can print as many copies as needed, in perpetuity.

You’ll still need to buy additional materials in sufficient quantities for the desired number of players (pipe cleaners, straws, weights, and dice).

Available in English, Portuguese & Spanish language sets.


The Brain Architecture Game:


This is a good option for groups who want to provide a polished, professional experience or who don’t want to dedicate time to assembling materials.

This complete game set will come with everything a group of 4-6 players needs to experience The Brain Architecture Game: full-color Life Experience Cards, as well as pipe cleaners, straws, weights, and a die.

Most game materials are reusable, but you may need to restock pipe cleaners and straws each time you play the game.


Available Free

To play The Brain Architecture Game, you will need to download and print the Game Rule Book, Life Journal, and the Life Experience Cards Divider Cards from REQUIRED MATERIALS.

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